Download and Import MAGES™ SDK

Before you start

Latest stable release of MAGES SDK runs on Unity 2020.3.9f1 LTS. Login using your developer account credentials.

Unity manages its latest versions through Unity Hub. You can download it by visiting this page.

After installing Unity Hub, navigate to the Installs tab and click the Install Editor Button as illustrated below.


Finally, in the Archive tab you can locate the specified Unity version and install it.


Make sure you install this specific version otherwise you may encounter incompatibilities between internal and third party packages.

Before you download/import MAGES™ SDK you have to create a new empty Unity project.

It is recommended to start an empty Unity project by selecting the 3D preset, as shown in the image below:

3D Project Creation

Download MAGES™ SDK

Unity is currently utilizing the package manager functionality in order to install and update third party packages with ease.

To let your Unity project access the MAGES™ package, you need to add ORamaVR registry to your project list of registries. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Edit → Project Settings → Package Manager.

  2. In the Scoped Registry section, add a new scoped registry and fill in the details as illustrated below.


    For your convenience, you can find these links below:






  3. Click Save, or Apply.

  4. Navigate to Window → Package Manager. You should be able to locate MAGES™ package under ORamaVR registry.


    Make sure to set Packages to My Registries from the dropdown menu on the top of the window, to be able to see the MAGES™ SDK package.

  5. Select the MAGES™ package and click the Install button.



    Depending on your internet connection speed, it may take several minutes to download the package.

  6. You will be presented with the MAGES Startup window. It is recommended to enable all the settings listed below, with the order they are listed.

    Change Active Input Handling to ‘Both’

    Change API Compatibility Level to 4.x

    Add URP Package

    Add Rendering Pipeline asset in graphics Settings

    Optimize Settings for MAGES SDK

    Below you can see the startup window. All the necessary options are highlighted.



    It may take some time to apply each setting.


PUN2 package is used only if your application requires multiplayer features. If you are interested only in single player mode, you can ignore this package.


To be able to use MAGES™ SDK, you must have an ORamaVR account. You can easily create one by clicking the corresponding button in the startup window, or by clicking here.