VR Recorder is a functionality that can Record and Replay an Operation, in both Single Player and Multi Player Modes. These Recordings can be synchronized with the cloud and are replayable on any device regardless of the original hardware they were recorded on.

Replaying a Recording

Recording Manager

Recording Manager Overview

The Recording Manager GameObject is essential for the operation of the Recording and Replaying functionalities within an Operation.

Recording Manager GameObject

Recording Writer

Recording Writer Script

This component is used for managing the Recording of the Operation. It is responsible for creating and writing the files of the Recording for all users in the room (Multiplayer & Local).

Excluded Objects

Some GameObjects that are not essential to the recording can be ignored. These can be added to this list, and interactions all users have with them will not be recorded.


Replay Script

This component is used for managing the Replaying of an Operation. All access to the files of the Recording is handled by this component, and the entire Operation is controlled by it during Replay.

Excluded Pump Interactables

Some Pump Interactables are used as animation controllers and their progress is controlled via script rather than via user Input. These Interactables have to be explicitly listed here, so that they operate correctly during Replaying.

Recording Coop

Recording Coop Script

This component assists in configuring Recording for Multiplayer Operations.

Other Scripts

Sound Scripts

  • Dissonance Audio Recorder, Get Audio Samples: Records incoming network audio using Dissonance voice communications.

  • Merge Wavs, Save Wav, Sound Info: Utilities for saving audio to WaveForm format as well as metadata regarding audio.

Object Recording Scripts

  • Propagate Recording: Used to propagate the recording to all objects that are touched by other interacted objects.


Known Issues:
1. Game Objects with names that begin with ‘<’ and end with ‘>’ (E.g. “<ObjectName>”) will create issues when replayed.
2. Interactables with Drop distances bellow 0.5 cause repeated Interaction Starts and Ends, slowing down replay and desynchronizing the audio.