One of the scripts provided includes code for additional functionality in Unity’s progress bar.

MAGES Menu Content
1.Account Login

This option saves the developers account to be able to run the application inside the Unity Editor.


This option provides a variety of features regarding the UI components. From the addition and modification of text and speech UI elements to the management of different languages.

3.Action Editor

This is the editor to generate the Action scripts.

4.Third Party SDK Manager

This option contains different functionalities for managing third party SDKs needed for the application to operate using different headsets.


This option contains the available VR and non-VR cameras.

6.Create Prefab

This option creates an empty gameobject in the scene with all the appropriate components attached depending on the type of prefab selected.


This menu is responsible to generate the ToolsEnum.dll and create new tools.

8.Generate MAGES Settings File

This options creates a MAGES asset file containing the appropriate input fields to fill in the settings of your MAGES application.

9.Configure Prefabs for Network

This option searches all prefabs in the specific path displayed. If they do not contain the appropriate components to be able to connect to the network, it automatically attaches them.

10.MAGES Helper

The window that appears on startup, containing important settings for MAGES™ SDK.

11.SceneGraph Editor

This option opens the SceneGraph Editor to edit the scenegraph tree (Lesson, Stages, Actions).