Download and Import MAGES™ SDK

Before you start

Latest release of MAGES Unreal runs on Unreal Engine 4.27.

You will have to download the Epic Installer and then from the Unreal Engine tab install editor version 4.27 with the latest minor version (4.27.2 at the time of writing).


Make sure you install this specific major version otherwise you may encounter incompatibilities between internal and 3 rd party packages.

Download MAGES™ SDK

Download the latest MAGES SDK Unreal plugin from the ORamaVR Portal.



It is imperative that MAGES_SDK is installed as an engine plugin (and not as a project plugin) by copying the “MAGES_SDK” plugin folder into the “Plugins” folder inside the engine (that would typically be C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Plugins)
Navigate to the engine plugin folder and paste the “MAGES_SDK” folder into it.
Package Import on Unreal Editor

Project Setup

Launch Unreal Engine 4.27, select the Games category and create a blank project.

create BP Project

As of version 4.0.1, MAGES Unreal utilizes all the core features required for development

From the Unreal Editor navigate to Settings on the top menu, select Plugins, search for MAGES_SDK and enable as shown in the figure below.
Package Import on Unreal Editor Package Import on Unreal Editor


If you want to test the SDK with Non-VR mode, you can skip the following section

Enable the corresponding plugin for your VR headset

Generally, the following applies:


Supported Devices



Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest 1&2 w/ Oculus Link


Most desktop HMDs, as well as mobile HMDs with Oculus Link like capabilities

You need to install SteamVR, as well as the vendor specific drivers


Most desktop HMDs, as well as Oculus Quest 1&2 w/ Oculus Link

Experimental in Unreal; can cause many crashes, and does not work in Packaged games


Disable all of the other VR plugins except the one that you have selected to use


Afterwards, you will have to restart the editor.


If you enabled any of the VR plugins, MAGES will prompt you on the next restart of the editor with the following:


Click “Yes” here, otherwise you will need to manually setup the key bindings based on your installed VR SDK instructions.