Interactable Prefab Constructor

Inherits from Generic Prefab Constructor. This constructor should be applied to any actor that will be interacted from the user and has physics properties.

Variable Name



Prefab Interactable Type

Generic, Insert, Remove, Remove with tool

Select for what type of action this actor will be used.

Prefab Detach Feature

ReInitialize, Destroy, EventTriggerCurrLSAOnDestroy, Nothing

Select what the prefab should do when the user throws it away. Reset the prefab, destroy it or destroy it and call the Event Manager to trigger the Action Completion.

Wait for Drop Action


Set a time delay that the prefab detach feature action will be called after the user drops the interactable object.

Actor Creation Requirements

  1. A primitive component. This can be a skeletal mesh, a static mesh or a shape collider (box, capsule, etc..).

  2. In the primitive’s component physics section Simulate Physics should be enabled

  3. In the primitive component collision section Generate Overlap Events should be enabled, as well as Collision Enabled should be set to Query Only or CollisionEnabled

  4. MagesInteractableItem component attached


If the mass of the primitive component is above 100kg the virtual hand will not be able to lift the object.