Mages Interactable Item

The most important component the developers need from the Mages Physics is the MagesInteractableItem. When added to an actor it enables physics interactions with that actor.

More specifically, for an object to have physics interactions inside Unreal, it is easy for the developer. Create colliders, enable physics simulation and enable gravity. But if grabbing the object is implemented from the developers with Unreal’s default method, attachment, upon grabbing, that object will lose its physics properties (e.g. it won’t collide with object - passing through them).

Instead of parenting, MAGES SDK provides this component. It is responsible for the object to be able to be grabbed from the user while maintaining its physical properties.

MAGES Interactable Item

Parameters and usage explained below:



Can Attach

object can/can’t be attached to the user’s virtual hands

Disable Kinematic On Attach

if true, when attached to a hand it will disable its kinematic properties, enabling the object’s physics interactions.

Enable Kinematic On Detach

if true, when released the object from users hands its kinematic properties will be re-enabled, disabling physical interactions.

Drop Distance

set a distance margin between hand and object. When their distance is greater than the margin, the interaction will stop, useful for objects that might get stuck between other colliders.

Enable Gravity On Detach

if true, when released the object from users hands its gravity will be turned back on.