Translation MAGES™ SDK


Note that this feature is still under development.

MAGES™ SDK translation feature is able to provide translation of either public fields in MonoBehaviour components or text components. The translation it provides and the languages it supports, depend on your MAGESLanguage asset file setup. The language this script translates the text to, is based on the main application language, chosen by the user on startup.

MAGES Translation Script

To translate MonoBehaviour script public text fields, or the text field of a text component, add the MAGESTranslation script to the desired GameObject.

If you have already opened a MAGES scene, that contains the SCENE_MANAGEMENT GameObject, being correctly setup, this script will automatically locate the MAGESLanguages asset file for this application.


In case the above fails, you can always drag and drop the MAGESLanguages file of your choice to the corresponding field of the script.

Once MAGESTranslation script is attached, it will automatically detect all the public text values of a MonoBehaviour script and the text field of the text component (if the GameObject has one) and add them all to the Translation Fields and Translation Texts lists respectively.


An entry of these list looks like the one below:


Field reports the name of the field to be translated (only present in case of a MonoBehaviour script field), while the Key Index refers to the key holding the message that will replace the value of this field.

You can set the Key Index value in two ways.

  1. By typing the name of the key (key names are case-sensitive).

  2. By expanding the View Values Setup section, locating the field of your choice, setting the corresponding key and clicking the Apply button.



It is recommended to use the second way, to avoid possible errors while typing key names.

The MAGESTranslation script is constantly updated. If you add or remove a new component (MonoBehaviour/Text) please click the Refresh Values button, to reload it and update the translation lists.