(A) Analytics¶

In medical training it is crucial to provide a user assessment capable of reflecting the educational impact of the used methodology. We designed an analytics system to fulfil this need.

The ORamaVR Analytics engine uses a cloud-based user assessment service to track, monitor and present important feedback regarding each gamified operation. VR environments provide a variety of tracking capabilities, from hand movement tracking to measuring an unexpected approach; we utilize a variety of means to generate a surgical profile for each user that will be used for evaluation.

Each surgical action is segmented into individual parts to identify interactions such as tool handling and proper usage of medical equipment.

In our e-Learn platform we offer a monitor system for supervisors to track the progress and skills of their users. Such system enhances the traditional ways of supervision by allowing instructors to monitor an entire class of students. Real-time error tracking with visual indications, completion time of each step and global leaderboard are also supported.

We have also managed to distinguish the critical complication parts of each module and offer various error types, which augments the real-time operation with additional challenges. Gathered analytics data from users is processed and used to normalize and improve the simulation’s scoring system based on the performance of the users.

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