Question Action

This type is described as an action expecting the user to make a decision on choices that answer a specific question. Answers are expected to be sprites on a Button gameObject.

Choosing a wrong answer does not perform the action, but registers the selection as wrong. When the correct answer is selected, the action performs after 5 seconds.

Example of Question Action:

/// <summary>
/// This is an example of Question Action
/// In this Action users are asked a question and they need to answer to complete the Action
/// The developer can set multiple answers by modifying the question prefab. In this example we have two answers
/// </summary>
public class QuestionActionExample : QuestionAction
    /// <summary>
    /// Initialize() method overrides base.Initialize and sets the question prefab
    /// </summary>
    public override void Initialize()
        //Sets the question prefab that will spawn

        //This method enables the raycast so users can answer using their controllers


Action Script Explanation

  1. SetQuestionPrefab => Spawns the Action prefab containing the question to be answered. Has two arguments:

    1.1. The prefab to be spawned

    1.2. The Question itself (expected type: string)

  2. AddAnswerImage => Spawns the Answer gameObject. Automatically attached onto the question Canvas.