• We changed the render pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

  • MacOS support (tested on Catalina). You can deploy a MAGES application using your mac using the Desktop3D camera. VR camera for macOS is currently not supported.

  • Point&Click camera (experimental) for desktop based MAGES applications. You can try our desktop mode with point and click control using your mouse.

  • Brand new question mechanic for QuestionActions. We redesigned the QuestionPrefabConstructor with additional features and new animations. Users can configure the question prefab directly from the constructor.

  • Skill based analytics (experimental). We introduce skill based analytics in addition to the Action based scoring system.

  • Updated VR mirror scripts with URP support.

  • Updated CVRSB and MedicalSampleApp to URP.

  • Populated the Configuration.cs component with additional public variables to assign product parameters directly from the Unity Editor.


  • Fixed login without credentials on builds causing scenegraph crash. In this version developers can create MAGES applications for users without a dedicated account.


  • Analytics from android devices are not visualized/loaded properly on ORamaVR Portal.

  • VR mirror is not working properly on Vive Focus Plus headset.

  • When answering a question on the updated question prefab, the Action automatically performs.

  • In Coop clients can perform the updated question Actions but the question animations and the result’s visualization are not shown properly.



  • In this version we introduce the 2Dof Controller for seamless testing through Unity Editor without the need for a VR headset.

  • A brand new Medical Sample App to get you started.

    • Initial scenario of our Total Knee Arthroplasty module

    • The skin incision, drilling, and femoral preparation

    • Bowel with soft-body simulation

    • Anatomically correct model of the patient

    • Added ready to get tools – drill, cauterizer

    • Realistic Operating Room (OR) Model

  • A brand new cognitive and psychomotor medical VR sample app (our Covid19 VR Strikes Back: CVRSB training module, including full source code)

    • Training for the proper using of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Covid-19 swab testing and interaction with patient

    • Gamified hands disinfection based on WHO

  • Cloud services to make User Management, Licensing, and Analytics a smooth experience.

    • Login for User Management and Licensing

    • AnalyticsAPI for streaming data incoming from User sessions

    • Portal for Admins and Users - Charts for Analytics

    • SingleSignOn (SSO) support for user authentication


  • We squashed several bugs in this version and reduced significantly the Warnings & Errors from the Unity Editor!


Medical Sample App

  • The CooP for the Medical Sample App might be unstable for certain actions

  • On Operation exit your hands change material to pink (not a feature)

  • No room physical boundaries – users can navigate out of the room

  • 2Dof Camera is not properly set, needs to be reinstantiated on the Scene from MAGES Menu


  • The CooP for the CVRSB might be unstable for certain actions

  • 2Dof initial Camera position is located in the wrong place

  • Instead of 2Dof, the default Camera is SteamVR



  • Museum Sample App that includes all latest features of MAGES SDK

    • Training scenario for cultural heritage restoration

    • Added ready to get tools – mallet, scalpel, pliers

    • VR ready mirror

    • Avatar customization

  • Empty Scene for quick getting started

  • MAGES Menu with Prefabs initialization for setting up Cameras




  • Several Warnings on Unity Editor (do not affect the experience)