MAGES Objects

In order for a Unreal project to run with the MAGES SDK, it is essential to have inside the Unreal level specific actors derived from specific classes used as managers and controllers of the different functionalities of MAGES SDK.

Scene Management Object


RigidBodyAnimationController (Required)

Enables and handles the usage of GA’s Dual Quaternions.

UserPathTracer (Required)

Computes and stores data regarding the user’s session.

Scene Graph (Required)

When the projects start, all LSAs will be created as children of this particular actor. In addition this actor requires the MAGES Paths data asset where critical information is stored regarding the project’s structure.

DeletedBucket (Required)

Nothing needs to be attached. This is handled from the Alternative Path (careful, it must not be an Alternative path’s child!)

AlternativePathBucket (Required)

This is the responsible actor for all the alternative LSAs (Lessons Stages Actions). Add the Alternative path and Alternative Path Importer components.

MagesControllers (Required)

Adds the current VR SDK controller component as well as the MAGES Controller Class. In the second component (MagesControllerClass), the two hand controllers found inside the BP Camera Rig need to be referenced, as well as their hand models.

Scene Management Object
OvidVRPlayer (Required)

Responsible for initializing the virtual hands and connecting them with the virtual camera.

NetworkClient (Optional)

Responsible for establishing the connection with the photon cloud server. It is not needed in case of single player.

LicenseActorBlueprint (Required)

Responsible for checking out the licensing of users and developers.

UILicenceRequest (Optional)

Responsible for handling user login on packaged projects.