MAGES SDK enhances the functionality of Unreal’s menu bar, with the MAGES menu.

MAGES Menu Content

In this dropdown menu, you will find:

Developer Login

This option saves the developers account to be able to run and develop their VR application inside the Unreal Editor.

Create Prefab

With this sub-menu developers can create preconfigured actors in the scene with all the appropriate components added depending on the type of actor selected.

Analytics Editor

This option opens the analytics editor where the developers can author the analytics of each action.

VR Cameras

With this sub-menu users can quickly generate a preconfigured MAGES VR Camera.

Load Lesson Blueprints

When adding a .uasset file in an Unreal project directly through the file explorer, UE4 does not automatically compile its shaders, this procedure is triggered only when the object is spawned or added in the scene. MAGES SDK capabilities depend on spawning actors for the developer’s actions, for this reason a workaround was implemented which triggers this process. This functionality should be used before the first play-through of the MAGES sample apps and can also be useful when getting new content through version control tools such as git.

Visual Scenegraph

Currently under development.