Loading the Scene

After you have successfully imported the package, from the Project file structure in the Unity Editor navigate to Assets/ovidVRcomp/Operation/Scenes and open the SampleApp scene.

SampleApp Scene on Unity Editor


The default camera is set to 2DoF mode to run the application using mouse and keyboard.

Adding VR Support

To configure the application for VR support, from the MAGES tab click Third Party SDK Manager/Initialized Prefabs and select the camera depending on your headset.

Configuring VR Support

The supported cameras are the following:

  1. SteamVR (for SteamVR supported headsets)

  2. Oculus Camera (for Oculus Quest)

  3. Wave VR (for VIVE focus)

To enable VR mode, make sure to install the required SDKs according to your headset.

Navigate to MAGES/Third Party SDK Manager/Install to download and install the SDKs automatically.

Third Party SDK Manager

SDK License

Before you hit the Play button, make sure you have checked out a valid SDK license. To do so, open the MAGES tab on the top menu and click on the Account Login option.

Login Window Login Window

Controls & Movement

In the table below you can find the controls for every supported platform and headset.

Oculus Touch


Windows Mixed Reality

2DoF Desktop

Grabbing Objects

Grip Button

Grip Button

Grip Button

UI Selection & Usage of Tools

Trigger Button

Trigger Button

Trigger Button

Toggle Movement

Press Left Touch Thumbstick

Left Menu Button

Right Menu Button

Positional/Rotational Movement

Left/Right Touch Thumbstick

Left/Right Trackpad

Left/Right Thumbstick

Mouse and Keyboard (W,A,S,D)

Toggle In-game Options

Press Right Touch Thumbstick

Right Menu Button

Right Menu Button

Next/Previous Step

X,Z Keyboard Button

X,Z Keyboard Button

X,Z Keyboard Button

X,Z Keyboard Button

Multiplayer setup with Photon

MAGES SDK supports Photon networking as the default networking API. For cooperation/multiplayer mode you need to setup Photon (playing in the same room with other players).

First, you need to create an account at Photon.

After successful registration, go to the Photon Dashboard and click the CREATE A NEW APP button.

Photon Create New App Button

Select Photon PUN from the Photon type dropdown, give a name to your application and click the CREATE button.

Photon Create Application

Navigate back to the main dashboard page and you will see your new PUN application. You need to copy the App ID. Open the Unity project and from the top bar go to Windows/Photon Unity Networking/PUN Wizard.


Click the code next to the App ID to reveal the full key.

Photon PUN ID Login Window

Click Setup Project, paste your App ID at the Appid or Email field and click Setup Project.

Photon PUN ID Login Window