Build Instructions

In this section we describe the process of packaging a MAGES enabled project. To produce a packaged application, you will need to:

  • Select the startup level

  • Setup the project’s packaging settings; which assets to cook

Packaging Settings

Open the Project Settings window, navigate to the Packaging section, and click at the end of the section to show advanced options.

For the Additional Asset Directories to Cook setting, you will need to add the following directories:
  • The MAGESres plugin directory “/MAGES_SDK/Resources/MAGESres”

  • The directory where the action blueprints are stored

  • The directory where the lesson blueprints are stored

In the Project/Description section, make sure that “Start in VR” is enabled


Maps & Modes Settings

In the Maps & Modes section, choose the application startup map through Game Default Map.



From the menu select “File”, choose “Package Project” and click on “Windows (64-bit)”.


After packaging has finished, copy over the “Saved” directory from your project with the following target directory inside the packaged project’s folder: