(E) Editor in VR with Action Prototypes

Our SDK encapsulates a VR editor capable of generating VR training scenarios following our modular Rapid Prototyping architecture based on storyboard, a visual representation of the VR simulation sequence, is split into discrete Action prototypes.

We designed our system as a collection of authoring tools combining a visual scripting system and an embedded VR editor forming a bridge from product conceptualization to product realization and development in a reasonably fast manner without the fuss of complex programming and fixtures. MAGES SDK platform is designed for any programmer or doctor to make the development of various surgical scenarios rapid and simple.

Therefore the platform allows for non-VR experts to develop new surgical modules/scenarios or modify existing ones, increasing the platform’s possibilities.

Click here for a detailed tutorial on the Scenegraph Editor


Let us try to elucidate Action prototypes, a new software design pattern suitable to replicate behavioral tasks for VR experiences. Each Action prototype implements specific methods according to the functionality we would like to support.


Click here for a detailed tutorial on Action Prototypes

Action Prototypes rapidly accelerate the development of gamified VR experiences, introducing a new way to programm interactive behaviours.

The diagram below illustrates an architectural diagram of Action prototypes to visualize better their dependencies.


The Base prototype does not represent a behaviour like the previous prototypes, is the base class where the other prototypes derive from. It contains common methods used across multiple prototypes for better organization and code optimization.