Tool Collider Prefab Constructor

Some Actions in order to be performed, they need a lot of interaction points with specific gameobjects. These interaction points normally take the form of multiple colliders. A Tool Collider prefab is a gameobject where all these colliders are grouped underneath it as 1st depth children. Furthermore, this prefab constructor will expect collision only with gameobjects that are defined from the developers as Tools (explained later in this document).

Each collider on spawn gets as a component a ToolTriggerCollider script. Every time each collider is triggered, via the above mentioned attached script, it notifies the parent gameobject (the one with the Tool Collider Prefab Constructor) that it just accepted collision, and then it destroys itself. When the parent has no more any children-colliders, it triggers the Event Manager for the Action completion.

Variable Name




List of Pair<ToolsEnum, float>

Select the tools that can interact with the colliders and for each tool select how much time it needs for each collider to trigger before notifying the parent.

Prefab Creation Requirements

  1. Parent has Rigidbody and NO colliders

  2. Each child has one trigger collider