class UMagesWidget


#include <MagesWidget.h>

class UMagesWidget: public UUserWidget
    // methods

    virtual void SetupWidget(
        FOnRequestDestroySelf RequestDestroySelfDelegate,
        FOnRequestOwnerRef RequestOwnerRef

    UMagesWidgetComponent* RequestOwner();
    void RequestDestroySelf(bool ForceNoAnim);
    void SetInteractive(bool NewInteractive);
    void OnCreated();
    void OnInteractiveChanged(bool NewInteractive);
    FORCEINLINE bool IsInteractive();
    virtual void NativeOnInteractiveChanged(bool bIsInteractive);
    virtual void NativeOnCreated();

// direct descendants

class UMagesActionAnalyticsWidget;
class UMagesButtonWidget;
class UMagesTextBoxWidget;
class UMagesTextWidget;

Detailed Documentation


UMagesWidgetComponent* RequestOwner()

Request to get a reference to the owning Mages Widget Actor

void RequestDestroySelf(bool ForceNoAnim)

Request to be destroyed by the owning Mages Widget Actor

void OnCreated()

Called when created at game time by the Mages Widget Actor