Adding Voice Chat (Dissonance)

You can use the Dissonance plugin in Unity, in order for your users to be able to talk to each other while being in a multiplayer session in MAGES™ SDK. Follow the steps below to install the Dissonance plugin in your Unity MAGES™ SDK project.


Using Dissonance is optional.

  1. Download the Dissonance package. You can find Dissonance in Unity Asset Store, or by clicking this link.

    Dissonance Unity Asset Store

  2. Import the package you downloaded in step 1, to your Unity MAGES™ SDK project.

  3. Once Dissonance is imported, a window like the following will appear. Choose Photon Unity Networking 2.

    Dissonance Unity Asset Store

  4. Create an empty gameobject under SCENE_MANAGEMENT/Controllers/NetworkController. Name it DissonanceSetup.

    Dissonance Unity Asset Store

  5. Navigate to the newly created DissonanceSetup gameobject and add the following four components to it.

    1. Dissonance Comms.

    2. Photon Comms Network.

    3. Voice Broadcast Trigger.

    4. Voice Receipt Trigger.


    Regarding Voice Broadcast/Receipt Trigger components, you will need to identify the room that will be used. For most of the cases, the Global room is a good choice.

    Dissonance Unity Asset Store
  6. Dissonance is ready. Next time you will join a multiplayer MAGES™ SDK session, you will be able to speak with the rest of the users.