Interactable Final Placement Prefab Constructor

This script is attached to an actor that’s duplicated from the interactable item and it serves the role of the final placement. The way it works is that it has an overlap collider and when the collision registers with the other interactable actor it observes their transform. If their transform difference is below a specified margin (the rotations match to a certain point), the collision gets accepted and the action performs.

This actor will -on start- have all its renderers disabled and it will be awaiting an overlap event. When the collision succeeds, it detaches the interactable actor from the user’s hands, it translates it to the position (and rotates it) the final actor is. When they are at the same position the actor that the user had at hand gets destroyed and the final actor enables its renderers.

When all of this it’s done the final behavior of this actor is called (e.g. some specific animation after the actor is placed) and it triggers the Event Manager for the Action completion.

Prefab Creation Requirements

  1. Overlap Colliders

  2. Prefal Lerb Placement component

  3. In the primitive component collision section Generate Overlap Events should be enabled, as well as Collision Enabled should be set to Query Only

Prefab Lerp Placement

Everything explained above is the works of this component, PrefabLerpPlacement. The constructor observes if the prefab has this component attached and it initializes it accordingly. This component can also be used on its own anywhere for lerping between two transforms using Dual Quaternions.

Variable Name



Max Angle Degree


Observes the rotations of the final placement and the interactable prefabs. If their difference in all three axis is less that this given margin, it accepts the collision. A value of zero means that any rotation is accepted.

Lerp Difference


The max fault tolerance for the interpolation. A higher value leads to better performance but might lead to inaccurate results.

Lerp Speed


Speed multiplier for how fast the interactable object should reach the final position/rotation.

Interactable Prefabs

list of actors

Insert here all the actors that this prefab is going to await collision with.