Use Action

The Use Action is used in situations where we need to take an object and hold it in a specific area for a predefined period of time.

To generate a Use Action you need:

  1. The interactable prefab

  2. The use collider

  3. An animated hologram

In this tutorial, we will implement a Use Action where the users should take a cloth to clean the Sponza model.

Interactable prefab

From the MAGES menu select the option CreatePrefab/Interactable


We populate the prefab template with a cloth model as seen in the image below. Remember to add physical colliders.



It is recommended to set the AttachPrefabSpawnNotifier value from the InteractablePrefabConstructor script to True. This will enable a flashing animation till the object is grabbed.

We also add custom hand postures for our interactable prefab. You can read here a detailed tutorial on how to properly setup hand postures. The image below shows the posture of the right hand attached on our object.


Use collider

This is the collider that will trigger with the cloth.

From the MAGES menu select the option CreatePrefab/Use Action Collider


In this case we add a dust textured model to represent the dust particles on top of the Sponza model.


Remember to add a trigger collider to your prefab

Below you can see the final use collider.



To visualize the Action we will include an animated hologram indicating the interactable prefab and how to use it. This hologram will visualize the cloth hovering on top of the sponza. Below you can see the holographic cloth.


Save prefabs and final configuration

Save the prefabs in the Resources folder. It is recommended to keep the prefabs in folders according to the scenegraph structure. In this case we will save the interactable, use collider and hologram prefab at Resources/Lesson1/Stage1/Action1 folder.


Now we have to link the use collider with the interactable prefab. Navigate to our use collider (dust prefab) and from the UseColliderPrefabConstructor you need to set the PrefabsUsed variable to 1. Then, drag and drop the interactable prefab (cloth) at the Element 0 position. Additionally, set the StayTime variable to the amount of time that the cloth needs to stay in contact with the use collider. In this case, we set it to 2 seconds, meaning that we have to keep the cloth in contact with the collider for 2 seconds to Perform.


Action Script

The script below initializes the use prefab.

using MAGES.ActionPrototypes;
public class CleanSponzaAction : UseAction
    public override void Initialize()
        SetUsePrefab("Lesson1/Stage1/Action1/Cloth", "Lesson1/Stage1/Action1/Dust");