VR Camera

Camera as a Pawn

The VR Camera is an implementation of SteamVR’s camera and assets from the MAGES SDK. It contains a connection to a generic set of hands created from ORamaVR (Hand Models) in order to be the same for any type of commercial HMD used.

Desktop VR Camera

Camera Rig Input Controller

Our VR Camera Rig derives from the Camera Rig Input Controller class, which contains all code for the camera movement (x-z translation, rotation, height) using the controllers.

Hand Controllers

The actors HandControllerLeft and HandControllerRight serve as mediators between the real VR controllers and the virtual hands. They contain:

  1. a motion controller which captures the movement of the real VR controllers and apply the necessary translation to the virtual hands.

  2. a physical constraint binding the user controllers with the virtual hands.

  3. a widget interaction controller which is used for interacting with MAGES UIs.

Hand Models

The models HandModelLeft and HandModelRight contain the skeletal meshes of the VR Hands .

Main Camera
Under the Camera Rig Blueprint there are the following components:
  1. VR Camera: The player’s main camera component.

  2. Avatar: A skeletal mesh component containing the user’s avatar.

VR Camera

Oculus Quest Camera Setup


Currently, under development.

Vive Focus Plus Camera Setup


Currently, under development.