How to Use

The MAGES SDK offers a unique solution for recording your past Operations and reviewing them after they are over. VR Recorder is a functionality that can record and replay an Operation, in both Single and Multi player Modes. Recordings can be synchronized with the cloud and are replayable on any device regardless of the original hardware they were recorded on. These are not just video recordings of your in-game view but rather a full recreation of the Operation as it happened when it was recorded. When replaying you are free to move around the Operation Room and watch from any angle you like, as well as hear your voice and your colleagues.

Replaying a Recording

Recording Manager

The Recording Manager Prefab contains all necessary scripts to enable the functionality of the VR Recorder. Its presence in the scene is required for enabling both Recording and Replaying Operations.

You can find the prefab in the folder Assets/Resources/MAGESres/RecorderVR . Place it in the scene under SCENE_MANAGEMENT/Managers.

Placing the Recording Manager Prefab

Excluded Pump Interactables

Replay Script

Some Pump Interactables are used as animation controllers and their progress is controlled via script rather than via user Input. These Interactables have to be explicitly listed here, so that they operate correctly during Replaying.

Excluded Objects

Recording Writer Script

Some GameObjects that are not essential to the recording can be ignored. These can be added to this list, and interactions all users have with them will not be recorded.


Known Issues:
1. Game Objects with names that begin with ‘<’ and end with ‘>’ (E.g. “<ObjectName>”) will create issues when replayed.
2. Interactables with Drop distances bellow 0.5 cause repeated Interaction Starts and Ends, slowing down replay and de-synchronizing the audio.


In the starting menu, there is now the option of enabling Recording for both Single Player and Multi Player sessions. For Multi Player sessions, it does not matter if you are creating a session or joining one.

Toggling Recording off or on.

During the operation, you can see an indication on your left wrist that Recording is enabled for this Session.

Recording Indication.


Game Objects with names that begin with ‘<’ and end with ‘>’ (E.g. “<ObjectName>”) will create issues when replayed.


The recording will be saved even if you quit the application without completing operation.


Accessing Recordings

The user can access their recordings using the Operation Start Menu option.

UI Option for viewing Replays

When pressed, a list of all recordings will be shown, with the option to either replay one of your choosing, or return to the main menu. You can search for recordings using the search bar, or scroll through the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the UI.

UI for viewing replays

Watching a Replay

When watching a replay, an indication that you are in a Replay Session is shown in your Left wrist. You can move around as you would in a normal Operation, but you will not be able to interact with any objects in the Scene.

Replaying a Recording

Cloud Synchronization

Uploading Recordings

When a session is recorded and the Operation reaches its end, the following progress bar will appear. Do not close the application until it is completed, otherwise the recording will not be uploaded.

Uploading of recording in progress Completed Upload of a recording

The recording is now on the cloud and will be available for download.


Only operations that reach Operation End will be uploaded. All other recordings will be available locally for the device they were recorded on.

Downloading Recordings

When opening the Recording selection menu, all recordings from the cloud not present locally will be downloaded and become available for Replaying.

Menu with List of Recordings


Uploading and Downloading recordings require the user to be logged in to their ORamaVR account. If you are getting HTTP 500 Errors when attempting upload or download, make sure User Login is enabled in your application.

User Login required