Deformable Mesh


Note that this feature is in Beta stage, therefore it is not stable and it can create artifacts on the newly created meshes.

MAGES gives you the ability to perform realitme tears and cuts. In order to perform these fast, we have created an Intermediate Layer for mesh manipulation between CuttableMesh/TearableMesh and Unity’s Mesh component. Therefore, every time you add a TearableMesh or CuttableMesh script in a gameobject, a DeformableMesh component will also be added automatically. In order to continue with the setup of TearableMesh/CuttableMesh you must first setup the DeformableMesh component.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to setup the Deformable Mesh.


1) First, if not already added, you must add the DeformableMesh component. Press Add Component > MAGES > Mesh Deformations > Deformable Mesh to add the component. The component will be added and the inspector will look like this:

Deformable Mesh Inspector

2) Make sure you have Gizmos enabled and then press the Initialize button. Adjust the Section Size in order to split the mesh into smaller, but not too small, subsections. The ideal size of the subsections depends on the model’s vertices/triangles count. The sections will be displayed with red boxes in the scene:

Deformable Mesh Gizmos

The Deformable Mesh is now setup and you can continue on with setting up the CuttableMesh/TearableMesh.