class ACameraRigInputController


#include <CameraRigInputController.h>

class ACameraRigInputController:
    public APawn,
    public IDeviceControllerInterface
    // structs

    struct ButtonState;
    struct HapticEffectState;

    // fields

    float Speed = 1.2f;
    UCameraComponent* CameraHead;

    // methods

    virtual void Tick(float DeltaTime);
    virtual void SetupPlayerInputComponent(class UInputComponent* InputComponent);
    bool GetTriggerPressed_Implementation(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    bool GetGripPressed_Implementation(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    bool GetIsGrabbed_Implementation(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    float GetGripStrength_Implementation(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    float GetPinchStrength_Implementation(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    bool IsMoving_Implementation(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);

    void PlayHapticPulse_Implementation(
        const EOvidVRHand& HandType,
        float Strength,
        float Frequency,
        float Duration

Inherited Members

    // methods

    bool GetTriggerPressed(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    bool GetGripPressed(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    bool GetIsGrabbed(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    float GetGripStrength(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    float GetPinchStrength(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);
    bool IsMoving(const EOvidVRHand& HandType);

    void PlayHapticPulse(
        const EOvidVRHand& HandType,
        float Strength,
        float Frequency = 0.5f,
        float Duration = 0.7f

Detailed Documentation


float Speed = 1.2f

Set Translation Speed.

UCameraComponent* CameraHead

Set Camera head for translation to be affected by it’s forward vector Camera Rig > Camera (head) > Camera (eye)