Project File System

In this section we will introduce the project file system MAGES SDK utilizes.

Readers will get familiarized with the existing project structure and incentivized to work towards the same direction.

Take notes, as certain structural elements of the SDK are immutable. In other words, there is a certain structure developers are expected to store their files for the SDK to operate smoothly.


Failing to follow the structure presented in this section might lead to unexpected behaviors.

General Guidelines

Everything operation specific (action and lesson blueprints, etc…) is stored using a specific structure.

For instance, action blueprints are stored as follows:


Every action blueprint is located under one general directory, and then furthermore organized by lesson, stage and action indices. You are strongly advised to keep the same structure for these assets.


The base directory for action blueprints and lesson blueprints is configured in the SceneGraphPathDefinitions asset.

Lesson Prefabs

The provided Asset importer from the ORamaVR platform will spawn lesson blueprints (blueprints spawned with the Spawn function inside any action blueprint) using a base path prefix, specified in the paths asset.


Storyboard XML Files

In the same manner, the locations of the storyboard XML files are specified in the paths asset. In the case seen below, this operation only needed the:

  • Operation XML path (required for all training modules), and the

  • Alternative Lessons XML path

So the remaining fields (Alternative Stage XML Path and Alternative Actions XML Path) are left empty.


The same path is used for packaged applications.