MAGES™ SDK Release Notes

MAGES™ SDK 4.3.1


  • Added contribute in score property on Analytics Editor


  • Fixed bug where initiating interaction was not prevented when “Can Attach” was disabled

  • Fixed missing references in prefabs in MAGES Deformation Showcase Sample

MAGES™ SDK 4.3.0


  • Added new Language System

  • Added Collision sound framework (BETA)

  • Added Physical Button

  • Added automatic update notifications for new MAGES versions

  • Added new Startup Pannel and Login window

  • Improved loading times when importing package or reloading project

  • Added Analytics coop synchronization (BETA)

  • Added functionality to check for missing MAGES required components in MAGES menu

  • Added configuration for vibration time in Pump Action

  • Minor improvements in compilation time

  • Request authority script emedded with interactable


  • Fixed bug objects not being destroyed in coop

  • Fixed bug client can not hold an object in coop

  • Cleanup some error/warnings when operation StoryboardDataLicense

  • Fixed text contrast in analytics window

  • Fix Analytics window can not save info

  • Vital manager performance optimizations

  • Deformation Scene missing reference

  • Fixed error GridPlane.shader not includedin XR builds

  • Removed duplicate event system

MAGES™ SDK 4.2.4


  • Added vitals URLs and multiplayer analytics URL to mages settings

  • Improved analytics and optional actions sync in coop

  • Added support for Magic Leap (BETA)

  • Added new editors for Softbodies and Cut-Tear-Drill actions

  • Updated Deformations Showcase scene

  • Added accurate explanation console messages in case of failed login

  • Added custom network info UI in MAGES Settings


  • Improved performance of action initializations

  • Fixed ClientId not been visible in MAGES settings

  • Minor changes in custom record and replay scripts in VR Recorder

  • VR Recorder now writes one channel of audio signals for remote players to solve the problem with recording distorted (high pitch) sounds

  • Fixed desynchronization problem regarding multiplayer sound recording in VR Recorder

  • Added comments in VR Recorder and removed unused scripts

  • Fixed synchronization of Two-Hand hand poser

  • Fixed cut action recorder not working when package is imported to an empty project

  • Fixed missing mesh references in Medical Simulation

  • Fixed lighting calculation of Softbodies Showcase scene the first time it is loaded

  • Fixed error that was caused in action editor, if Include Hologram was enabled

  • Fixed question action prefabs not properly syncing in coop

  • Fixed camera position in Softbodies Showcase scene

MAGES™ SDK 4.2.2


  • Fixed compile error with multiple versions of Newtonsoft Json importer

MAGES™ SDK 4.2.1


  • Added real time Cut Action prototype [Beta]

  • Added new MAGES language translation system

  • Added OptionsUi to the MAGESSettings.asset for easy configuration. You can override the UI that pops up when pressing the analog stick

  • Added ResetLesson() function in PointSystemManager.cs to override the Lesson name in the gamification monitor and reset the total number of Actions number.


  • Improve internal traversal of scenegraph (ScenegraphTraverse)

  • Fix bug with analytics panel that was spawning twice at the end of the simulation

MAGES™ SDK 4.2.0


  • Added VAPPS example in Medical Sample

  • Added HoloLens2 support

  • Added new analytics records for coop sessions. The performer of each action is recorded as well as the time from the start of the session.

  • Added synchronization of coop analytics. Currently, the score and the performer are synchronized among all users.

  • Added beta support for Unity 2021.3


  • Fixed issue with visual scripting not saving analytics files

MAGES™ SDK 4.1.0


  • Added Xray, anaesthesia machine and whiteboard on medical sample app.

  • Major improvements in CTD algorithms (complexity, running time).

  • Remove touching interaction with the UIs (only interaction with raycast is available).

  • C++ dlls are no longer there. We integrated them into C# dlls (GAEd, StoryboardDataLicense).

  • No need to have the scenegraph xmls in the Documents file for the desktop builds. They are loaded from the project Resources.

  • Added teleport feature to move into selected areas in VR.


  • Fixed issue with the MAGES settings causing prefabs not to saved properly.

  • Fixed issues with the coop room creation.

  • Various stability fixes of the VR Recorder.

  • Improved names of objects in the scenes.

  • Fix coop issues with Optionals and Analytics.

  • Rename StartupHelper window.

MAGES™ SDK 4.0.2


  • Desktop3D camera new UI look. Now you can control the camera by pressing the space button and then select the mode with your mouse.

  • Improved MAGESHelper window. The options for networking are separated from the MAGES warnings and marked as info (not warnings since they are optionals).

  • Many video tutorials were released.


  • Fixed issue with Optionals and Coop.

  • Fixed Coop configuration window from the MAGES top bar menu.

  • Various fixes on deformable tearing.

  • At the MAGESHelper window we fixed the re-import button that was not removed automatically after pressing it.

  • On drilling, the hole matches the drill mesh (it was very big previously).

MAGES™ SDK 4.0.1


  • Major asset cleanup.


  • Fixed chair missing material from Cultural Heritage sample app.

  • Documentation updates to improve the developer pipeline.

  • Download SDK shouldn’t lead to the Documentation Page.

  • Fixed error with Property _Metallic.

  • Fixed Medical Sample App MAGESSettings wrong prefabs.

  • Fixed Medical Sample App scalpel wrong placement.

  • Fixed Cultural Heritage monitor missing materials

  • Duplicate folders in MAGES Deformations. Delete one.

  • In SoftbodiesCTD, we should have a Previous Button while we are on our first action.

  • Remove some textures from the ActionScripts folder.

  • There should not be a previous button on the first Action (bowel)

  • Added new easier to use handles on Drill since the old ones were removed when the scripts moved to source.

  • Fixed raycast appears to be inside the hand.

  • Fixed issue with microphone Usage field still empty in the package causing macOS Builds to fail.

  • Fixed issue with scenegraph the won’t load on mac build if we follow standard instructions.

  • Fixed scenegraph that won’t load on android from mac build.

  • Added sound on perform (on Action skip).

  • Fixed Cultural Heritage sample app scalpel hand pose.

MAGES™ SDK 4.0.0


  • Added MAGES to the Unity Package manager for easy installation and updated.

  • Renamed all ovidVR instances with MAGES.

  • Added Optional Actions to enable multiple active Actions at the same time.

  • Added Freemium Licensing system. Freemium users can develop simulations with up to 20 Actions.

  • Added Cultural Heritage, Medical simulation (TKA), Empty project, and Softbodies samples as MAGES examples to download from the package manager.

  • Integrated cut, tear and drill algorithms with examples.

  • VR Recorder to capture and then replay the training sessions.

  • Updated Softbodies deformation algorithms.

  • Removed the embedded Photon from the project’s assets. Now you need to download the Photon from the Package manager

  • MAGES Helper UI to automatically configure the project

  • Developer SSO Login with Google.

  • Added Auto HandPostures to automatically grab objects without setting a custom pose.

  • Added Vitals Manager with realtime patient vitals tracking

  • Added VR Annotation to label interactable objects withing the VR. You can take the marker, touch an object and write a title.

  • Updated VR Keyboard with different language setups and special characters.

  • SceneHandler to automatically switch between scenes by fading in and out.

  • Improve the MAGES menu top bar with the latest options and settings.

  • Populate the Action Editor from the MAGES top bar menu with all the Action Prototypes. Developers can generate Action scripts using this tool without writing code.

  • MAGES_Settings.asset to configure the xmls, api calls, links and other information into a single files

  • UILists as a feature to generate MAGES lists for users to select various options in the VR.


  • Fixed various issues on Sampleapps

MAGES™ SDK 3.3.1


  • Added controls UI for Desktop3D camera.

  • Exposed “Inactive Tool Layer”, “Active Tool Layer” and “Allow Reset” variables of Tool Constructor for easier modifications.

  • Added interactive survey at the end of the scenario (optional).


  • Fixed SceneGraph Editor panning not working with trackpad. Now works with Shift + Left Click.

MAGES™ SDK 3.3.0


  • Upgraded to Unity3D 2020.3.9f1

  • Added XR Plugin Management support

  • Added Actions Editor for Insert and User actions.

  • Rework MAGES™ menu.

  • Reduced significantly Warnings & Errors in Unity Editor

  • Unified all UIs in a single folder

  • Upgraded Hologram shader


  • Fixed Use Action ignoring “Prefab Perform Action”.

  • Fixed Analytics panel buttons that are not responding every time.

  • Fixed multiple debug Errors messages information.

MAGES™ SDK 3.2.1


  • We changed the render pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

  • macOS support (tested on Catalina). You can deploy a MAGES™ application on your Mac using the Desktop3D camera. VR camera for macOS is currently not supported.

  • Point&Click camera (experimental) for desktop based MAGES™ applications. You can try our desktop mode with point and click control using your mouse.

  • Brand new question mechanic for QuestionActions. We redesigned the QuestionPrefabConstructor with additional features and new animations. Users can configure the question prefab directly from the constructor.

  • Skill based analytics (experimental). We introduce skill based analytics in addition to the Action based scoring system.

  • Updated VR mirror scripts with URP support.

  • Updated CVRSB and MedicalSampleApp to URP.

  • Populated the Configuration.cs component with additional public variables to assign product parameters directly from the Unity Editor.


  • Fixed login without credentials on builds causing scenegraph crash. In this version developers can create MAGES™ applications for users without a dedicated account.

  • Fixed bug Analytics files names created with non Filename Characters

MAGES™ SDK 3.2.0


  • In this version we introduce the 2Dof Controller for seamless testing through Unity Editor without the need for a VR headset.

  • A brand new Medical Sample App to get you started.

    • Initial scenario of our Total Knee Arthroplasty module

    • The skin incision, drilling, and femoral preparation

    • Bowel with soft-body simulation

    • Anatomically correct model of the patient

    • Added ready to get tools – drill, cauterizer

    • Realistic Operating Room (OR) Model

  • A brand new cognitive and psychomotor medical VR sample app (our Covid19 VR Strikes Back: CVRSB training module, including full source code)

    • Training for the proper using of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Covid-19 swab testing and interaction with patient

    • Gamified hands disinfection based on WHO

  • Cloud services to make User Management, Licensing, and Analytics a smooth experience.

    • Login for User Management and Licensing

    • AnalyticsAPI for streaming data incoming from User sessions

    • Portal for Admins and Users - Charts for Analytics

    • SingleSignOn (SSO) support for user authentication


  • We squashed several bugs in this version and reduced significantly the Warnings & Errors from the Unity Editor!

MAGES™ SDK 3.1.0


  • Museum Sample App that includes all latest features of MAGES™ SDK

    • Training scenario for cultural heritage restoration

    • Added ready to get tools – mallet, scalpel, pliers

    • VR ready mirror

    • Avatar customization

  • Empty Scene for quick getting started

  • MAGES™ Menu with Prefabs initialization for setting up Cameras